The little dash button that could

The Amazon dash button is a useful gizmo available from Amazon for $5 to purchase something you use regularly from Amazon. However, with an ingenious hack, it is transformed into a WiFi switch to control devices or lights around the house. The usefulness of the dash button has been a topic of debate in the home automation community. Those who are not fans of the button cite the following criticisms.

  1. It is too expensive at $5. (Sometimes they are available on sale for $1).
  2. It has a maximum usage of about a 1000 clicks.
  3. It does not have a replaceable battery.
  4. There is a delay of about 10 seconds for the message to be sent after the button is pressed.

However, in my experience, it does have it”s uses. I bought a few of them when they were on sale at $1. I have used them around my house in several places, in conjunction with Home Assistant including

  1. Opening and closing my garage door, For this, I use two buttons, one to close it and open to open it.
  2. Staring or stopping my media player.

The 10 second delay is not a big factor for these operations as I do not use these buttons all the time. Secondly, the shelf live for the buttons are not a big factor for the same reason. Ben, of Bruh Automation has provided a useful tutorial on integrating dash buttons with Home Assistant. I also need to acknowledge Jon Maddox for providing the  code for this integration.





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