Dabbling with X10

X10 is one of the earliest home automation protocols. It is relatively light-weight and setting it up with lights or small home appliances is relatively simple. Several years ago, I used MisterHouse to add X10 light and device controllers to control lighting and a few fans around my house.

I then found mochad, a small program that can be used to control X10 devices. Mochad also allows integration of X10 devices with Home Assistant and OpenHab.

Over the years, X10 has been pushed to the curb with newer technologies like Zigbee and Z-Wave. Further, the availability of cheap RF controllers has made them a more effective and economical alternative to X10. I will cover interfacing RF lights with X10 in a later post.

My big problem with X10 was that these devices seemed to give me a physical headache each time I turned them on. Investigation of this symptom has led me to believe that this is caused by interefence of other household signals with X10. While there are devices that can mitigate the effects of this interference, I realized that resolving them was neither an effective or economical option given that there are newer technologies available.

I will however, discuss using Mochad with HomeAssistant in a future post.


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