Controlling my garage door

The house I live in has a Liftmaster garage door opener. One of my early goals was to automate it. Some research revealed that, if I needed to bring it online quickly, it had to be MyQ compliant. MyQ(not to be confused with MQTT, a lightweight protocol) is a proprietary protocol used typically by lift door  openers like Liftmaster or Chamberlain.

I will not detail the steps I took with additional instructions on how to get it working with your home automation system.

I decided to invest in a MyQ Internet Gateway. This device would enable you to communicate with your Liftmaster garage door opener. If you need to ensure compatibility with your garage opener, please ensure that you have the MyQ logo on your garage door opener.


This device should first be confgured with your garage door. Next create an account for yourself at Now you will be able to login to the myliftmaster site either from a browser or an app on your android device or iphone.

Integrating with Home Assistant was not straightforward. For one thing, there is no official MyQ component as of this writing. Unfortunately the Wink Connected Home Hub I own does not support Liftmaster (as I discovered on the Wink forum).

After much investigation, I found a node program that provides command to open or close a MyQ garage opener and also provide the current status of the opener. I then integrated this program with a few changes into my HomeAssistant setup. The steps for this are outlined here.


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