Home Assistant: My ‘master’ system

At this stage and for the perceivable future, Home Assistant is the heart of my home automation system. One of the main reasons I choose Home Assistant is the ease with which I could have it up and running.

As I brought up the Home Assistant server, it was able to quickly detect several devices around my house without my having to do any coding configuration. These include:

  1. My Kodi media player running on a HP Stream mini computer. I will cover Kodi in a separate post.
  2. My chromecast tv streaming device.
  3. My Roku stick.
  4. My wink and hue  hubs. I was able to use Home Assistant to control the lights around my house, right away.
  5. My daphile audio player. This will also be covered in future posts.
  6. My MPD player running on the same computer as home assistant.
  7. My rune player running on my raspberry pi
  8. My two sonos one speakers.

That’s a lot of functionality right out-of-the box! To repeat a point I made earlier, there is no single system that will give you all the functionality you want. If you want one, you need to build one either from scratch or by integrating several system together.  I have chosen the latter approach,


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