Choice of Home automation System

When I started to build my home automation system, several years ago, I was confronted with a choice of which one to choose. I first chose MisterHouse, the most popular HA system in its time. I managed to get a few X10 lights and switches to work with it. However, I was stalled by several factors including

(a) the code base which had not been updated for years

(b) My limited expertise in perl


The following years saw the rise of several popular home automation tools written in a plethora of languages. Among the most popular of them are OpenHab written in Java and Home Assistant written in python. I dabbled and continue to dabble with both of them. Another popular open source tool is Node Red, created by IBM. I have just started playing with Node red now. Node Red provides an impressive visual tool that facilitates the building of a home automation system.

As one would expect, there is no single out-of-box system that will suit the needs of a demanding individual who needs to as many devices, technologies and automations into his or her system. I have decided to create a hybrid system that uses all of these system and leverages the strengths of all. Where integration is possible, I will integrate each of them into my solution.

I also continue to use and integrate smaller solutions into my larger system to meet my needs. For instance, I recently integrated a nodejs program to operate my home garage door opener into my home automation system.

This blog is intended to be a running log of my solutions and challenges. It is also meant to help those who have similar goals to mine in building their system. There will be more to come in the following weeks.

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